H: Open Guards

H: Open Guards

If you are training at 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Santa Fe today, please review the warm up letter below. Click the link below for example video.

H1: Spiral Guard

Spiral Clinch > Invert and Under > Crab Ride > Back Control

Gray Haven

H2: X-Guard


Horse Stance and Limp Arm

X-Guard > X Sweep (Alternate with Double X Sweep) > Twister Side > Raver Roll to Truck > Doerkson Arm Trap > Rear Naked Choke

H3: Deep Half

Deep Half > Sling Shot Homer > Leg Drag > Reverse Knee on Belly > Toe Hold

Kick Out of Toe Hold

Wheel Kick Mount > Near Side Armbar

Corkscrew Escape > Honey Hole

Cummings Honey Hole Pummel

H4: Berimbolo

Spiral Clinch > Kiss of the Dragon Sweep > Berimbolo > Back Control

Dark Haven

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