Caveman Coffee Cave

Caveman Coffee Cave is the first cafe from Albuquerque-based Caveman Coffee Co. Our coffee is roasted by a master roaster in small batches. We only use the finest ingredients. This is a business operated by athletes, and we put the utmost priority in accessible health and nutrition for everyone.

Whether it be swimming, biking, running, walking, handstands, cartwheels, yoga, basketball, tennis, we encourage everyone to be active each and every day. What you consume is just as important. We offer the fuel to help you take on and dominate each and every day.

Our coffee is grown under strict standards and practices. Our coffee is not certified organic, however it is grown and processed without pesticides and is 65% naturally shade grown. All the byproducts of producing our coffee (pulp from processing, etc) goes right back into the growing process. We meet and exceed the current standards put in place to achieve what is described as organic.

Here’s where it gets real and why small businesses need the support. Current standards for receiving USDA Organic certification often prevents smaller producers from entering the market as the costs/bureaucracy and large outlet supply chain lobbies squeeze out small businesses without the resources. These same lobbies have manipulated the use of regulations (including changing regulations to allow synthetic ingredients in organic foods) and mislead the public to promote their businesses. The state of the “organic” title is merely a buzzword, and is unfortunately backed by irresponsible business practices by large food companies attempting to cash in on the latest market craze. We know our stuff is good for you and responsibly cultivated. We don’t need the organic certification to prove it.

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