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Morning community!  

Once a month we are reaching out to you our wonderful tribe to learn a bit more about you.  We feel that there are so many amazing qualities about you all that, we just want to share it!  

So, please enjoy and hear a little known or unknown things about the ones you already may know or maybe haven’t met yet.  


Name: Rafaela Sanchez

Age: 33

Job: Tribal Secretary, Pueblo of Pojoaque

  1. What are your favorite Physical activities other than training at Undisputed and how has training with us improved them?

Lifting weights at local wellness center or at home, outdoorsy activities such as hiking or going for walks and bike rides with my kids or watching them in their own sports or physical activities. Working out with undisputed has humbled me and helped me work on my technique, so when I’m really feeling tired at the end of the day and just want to rest I go to undisputed where resting is not an option ha ha so that keeps me healthy and fit to do everything else that I enjoy.

  1.  What is your why for your fitness or your who and how do you bring this intent with you to undisputed?

Fitness has always been really important to me because not only does it help keep me mentally and physically healthy but I also want to be a good role model for my kids. I encourage and push them to be active and healthy so I have to be active and healthy also. So I come in to undisputed with the intent that I am not going to waste this experience I want to learn what I can so I can utilize it in my every day life.

  1. Explain the what and why of something that you love about yourself.

I am very stubborn which is sometimes a bad thing but it is also something that has made me push my limits physically and mentally to get me to the next level. It may not be the most attractive or easiest transition ha ha but it’s the one that’s most worth it when you feel like you are doing just a little better than yesterday.

  1. If you had the chance to do your top three bucket list items what would they be?

I did the tough mudder like two years ago that was on my bucket list at one point,

But I like things that challenge me physically and mentally so in that same realm My next goal was to do the Great Wall of china marathon.. but I’m not much of a runner these days so we will see. I think that would be awesome. Also on my bucket list is to get better at really using my body weight in my workout routines, lol would that be a bucket list item? I don’t know but it’s in mine…. thirdly but maybe first on my list I have been wanting to take my kids on a vacation out of the country maybe like to Toronto, lol barely out, baby steps.. it can be a Great Wall of china kind of goal….. I’ll have a bigger goal next time.

  1. What is one unexpected benefit that you have received from this community?

A new sense of community, I came in dis-attached just wanting a new place to work out, instead I felt welcomed and I found myself really wanting to connect with this community. 🙂


  1. What is  something about you we don’t know?

All of the above. Lol

  • Dawn Youlldoitandlikeit T

    What a cool idea! Look forward to more…

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