Will Brandenburg


Will’s passion for health and fitness started at a very young age, with an upbringing in ‘non-traditional’ holistic living.  At 18 he started studying Taoism and Chinese methods of self-cultivation and healing; later becoming certified in instructing Qi Gong, Meditation and Tai Chi.  “Fitness is an integral part of a balanced, healthy life.   It mirrors the health of the emotional, psychological self.”  It became clear that it was a natural progression in self-evolution.  Will started his personal fitness practice at age 24, and has not stopped studying and learning since.  

Now a Certified Personal Trainer and Crossfit level 1 coach, he’s got an eye on nutrition and improving the community through education, and hands-on learning and training experiences.  As a member of the team, Will is branching out to help athletes in all walks of life better their lives and selves through movement, strength, confidence and continual self-betterment.


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