Lorenzo Hernandez

Lorenzo started doing CrossFit in 2008. He is currently the head coach and holds his CFL-2, CF Strongman, CF Powerlifting (Conjugate), USAW Weightlifting and  Crossroads Adaptive Coach certifications here at Undisputed .  He has been involved in sports such as competitive snowboarding, surfing, and biking (of all varieties), most of his life but CrossFit is what took him to a level he never knew existed.

It is now his passion and goal to help individuals reach that same unrealized potential they may have not discovered yet.

“CrossFit turned me into the athlete I was meant to be and gave me strength in so many different aspects of my life that exceed physicality. I want to support and encourage others on their path to harness their true strength mentally, physically, and emotionally. This, in turn, will ensure they live their lives the best they can.”

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