Heather McKearnan

6z7a0738-edit-2Heather began her athletic endeavors as a competitive gymnast at the age of eight. Daily practices and weekly competitions instilled a sense of discipline and the importance of teamwork in her at a young age. Gymnastics helped her develop a well rounded athleticism that has been integral to her physicality her entire adult life.

At the age of seventeen at the height of her competitive career, Heather suffered a shoulder injury that forced her to give up competition. This became a major turning point for her as she began to coach her former team mates and help them choreograph their routines. As painful as not being compete anymore was, she found great comfort and challenge in aiding her fellow gymnasts in attaining their goals and maximizing their strengths.

In the twenty or so years since ending her gymnastic career, she has delved into a wide variety of fitness modalities. She has been a devout practitioner of yoga and Pilates, which felt like a nice fit with her gymnastic background. Many years were also spent seeking fitness in conventional gyms, resulting mainly in a feeling of aloneness and a utter lack of inspiration and/or commitment.

This search ended with the ultimate discovery of Crossfit. In her own words, “I was scared to death and daunted by the whole idea of it. It was undeniable, however, that this was where ultimate, holistic fitness and true wellness came together. I found that with Crossfit, I fell naturally into setting goals and holding myself accountable to attaining them and I was constantly raising my own bar and surpassing my perceived limitations. I never realized what I was capable of physically because my mental obstacles prevented me from seeing what was really possible.”

Recently Heather left a job that she felt complacent in for ten years. She credits Crossfit for giving her the strength and confidence to make this leap of faith. She loves being a Crossfit coach, but most of all she loves being a part of the community of greatness that we are building every day.

Heather loves teaching Olympic Lifts and excels at gymnastics. She has never felt so fulfilled and so useful, as when she is coaching!

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