Undisputedly Strong

July 22, 2017 all-day
Undisputed Fitness
1221 Flagman way
Lorenzo Hernandez

Undisputed Fitness, Santa Fe’s fitness megaplex that includes Santa Fe CrossFit, 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu and the Caveman Coffee cave, brings its second Undisputedly Strong event to town on July 22nd. The Undisputed Fitness team envisions this “hybridized Strongman competition” as a real-world demonstration of their unique, home-grown fitness brand, with the hope that in-house training expertise will continue to resonate with a robust and dedicated membership, as well as with the greater local and regional community, including newcomers looking for a new way to exercise, achieve physical/mental strength, and build community.


Coach Lorenzo Hernandez spearheads the July 22nd event. Hernandez’s present-day coaching success is the result of a long, and at times harrowing, personal and professional journey. “I always wanted to be an athlete,” says Hernandez.  “I started young, playing soccer and baseball, and trying to be like my dad. But, I would quickly lose steam.” Growing up in a small New Mexico town where athletic choices were few, Hernandez’s mother was a great supporter, attending her son’s games and matches when she could. Hernandez went to on play baseball for a year at high school, but by 18, he’d discovered snowboarding and began to realize his skill, entering competitions. After 7 years of competition at the national level, Hernandez walked away and moved to California, taking up surfing. While progressing in skill, Hernandez discovered that he needed a fitness edge in order to stay competitive in the water. A friend introduced him to CrossFit in 2008, and in his words, he was ‘hooked”. Hernandez eventually returned to Santa Fe and began working with Undisputed, but progress came to an unexpected halt in 2010. “I was arrested for weed and spent the next 3 years in the clink,” Hernandez says. “I continued to train CrossFit (while incarcerated), and Undisputed gave me the tools to learn, grow and eventually teach while I was away.”

Back at Undisputed since 2013, Hernandez is back on solid footing, transforming his pivotal life experiences into real-world action, working as a member of the Undisputed CrossFit coaching staff, while also giving back and inspiring others. “My intention…is to continue creating community for those looking to improve their daily lives, (providing) that sustained support everyone needs while making their respective (life and fitness) journey. ‘Community’ is an incredible, powerful, and ultimately living thing. Together, our community members help each other. That’s amazing.”

Which brings us back full circle to why Hernandez created Undisputedly Strong: to demonstrated his immediate and extended fitness community’s “hard work and true potential for life.” Hernandez adds: “After completing the Strongman 101 program created by the talented and prolific Logan Gelbrich at Deuce Gym in Venice, CA, and taught by Tait Fletcher.”


Note: Tait Fletcher is the owner of Undisputed Fitness, as well an actor, stuntman, entrepreneur and co-owner of Caveman Coffee, and a myriad of other businesses.


Hernandez continues: “I immediately saw the potential for everyone to use this (strongman) modality for everything. We train this modality at Undisputed, so I wanted to build out Undisputedly Strong, to create an opportunity for everyone who trains with us to test their hard-earned skills through a friendly competition in a sunny and elevated environment. In addition to Undisputed coaching and event work, Hernandez launched his own non-profit, Movement Unlimited, in 2015. Through Movement Unlimited, Lorenzo works with adaptive athletes, helping his clients ‘move in the best way possible’ through a combination of education, lifestyle, and fitness training.


All day on July 22nd from 8AM – 4PM at Undisputed Fitness, Undisputedly Strong will feature three (3) weight classes for men and women , including a new Coed Scaled Division for individuals new to strongman training and adaptive athletes. Visit here to register by JULY 19TH (deadline), and for more information on Undisputedly Strong and Undisputed Fitness.

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