CrossFit Santa Fe


A) Midline x 3
30 DB Side bends
30 sec L holds
30 Superman Pumps

B) Partner Load and squat
2 rounds

6 min Amrap
3 Stone load [each] 175/130
6 Yoke squats [each] 350/295

rest 6 min


***Weekly Challenge***
Max Hollow hold
Sport: extended legs/arms
Fitness: Hips 2 feet from wall, feet within 4 inches of wall/arms extended

A) 3 Power Jerk + 3 Jerk
7 Sets of find heavy complex

B) 5 Rounds
8 Hang power clean 155/115
8 Alternating lunge to box jump 24/20
12 Hollow rocks
Goals: UB on PC’s, Rhythm/position on L to BJ



125 Wallballs
60 Toes to Kettle bell
125 Box Jumps
Penalty: The top of every min equals 10 sec of sprint work at end of wod, 20 min = 200 seconds of sprint time

Goals: Be fast!!! Help with penalties


A) Clean & Jerk
15 Min to build to heavy

B) Time Vs. Task
5 Min
6 Power clean 135/105
15 Air squats
10 Abmat situps
5 Min rest
Repeat score for time
Goals: Chase/challenge bar, UB on squats and pushups, Under 5 min for part 2



B)10 min
KB Komplex
3 on one side then 3 other
Snatch-Power clean-Thruster x 2 24/20
30 Mountain climbers

Goals: UB on complex for 3’s each side through whole WOD.


A) Sumo Deadlift

10 x 3

find Max Effort for day


B) 2 Rounds
25 Pull ups
10 Deadlifts 275/205
20 Single arm Dumbell power jerks 70/45

Goals: UB on Pullups if Bfly or kipping,2 x5 on deads, Go heavy!!


A) Midline x 2
10 Strict T2B/ Knee raises
30 Sec Superman planks
30 Grasshoppers

B) 3 Rounds
4 Min work 4 Min rest
200 m Run
15 Burpee box jump overs 24/20
Max toes to bar

Goals: Fast run, Sprint pace through BBJO!!!, Short sets and rests on T2B.


***Weekly Challenge***
Sport: Max 90 sec bar muscle up
Fitness: Max 90 sec Bent over barbell row 75/55

A) Clean
15 minutes to build to heavy

B)12 Min
5 Clusters 135/105
30 Dubz

Goals: Touch and go 3 and 2 in later rounds, UB on Dubz



EMOM 9 Min
Partner A:
4 Cleans 135/105
8 Pushups
Partner B:
8 Ball slams
8 Russian Kettle bell swings 24/20
Rest 3 min then switch
Goals: Chase the bar and get next rep,Finish work!!

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