A) Midline x3 or 15 minutes
4 Turkish get ups 24/16 [each]
200 m DB Farmer carry – Heavy

B) 4 Rounds
12 Chest to bar pull ups
8 Burpees
8 Dumb bell deadlift 45/30
Goals: Long first set on C2B, UB on burpees, Front foot does not move on TGU


15 Min amrap

15 DB Push Press

15 Squats

15 Cal erg


***Weekly Challenge***
Assault bike: 3 Min
30 Sec work 30 sec rest
(Highest total wins, Assault bike only
Must stop bike and reset cal while resting)

A) Snatch Push press +
Snatch Balance
Work up to 85% of 1RM

B) 12 Min
5 Push press 135/75
10 Box jumps 24/20
16 Figure 8 to holds 20/16
Goals: Don’t be a jerker!, UB on figure 8’s


Foundations Class

Handstand Push up



1 mile relay run
100 Burpee squats
100 Kettle bell snatches 28/20
100 Single arm OH KB lunges

Goals: Heavier on snatches than before, Stack well on lunges, sprint erg


Dallas 5

Partners of 2 complete

5 minutes of:
Then, 5 minutes of:
7 deadlifts, 95/65
7 box jumps,
Then, 5 minutes of:
Russian Kettle bell swings
Then, 5 minutes of:
7 DB snatches
7 push-ups
Then, 5 minutes of:
Rowing (calories)
Complete as many reps as possible at each 5-minute station. Rest 1 minute between stations.


A) High hang snatch +
Above knee Snatch
20 minutes to find heavy set

B) 3 Rounds
10 Deadlift 225/155
200 M run
Cal row sprint 12/10
10 Toes to bar

Goals: Sets of 5 on bar at challenging weight, fast runs, UB toes to bar, Sprint pace on rower


5 Rounds
5 DB Renegade row
10 DB Lunge
5 DB Kneeling press
10 cal


4 Rounds
1 min Station
max reps
Sandbag Squat clean
DB Dead lifts
Rest 1 min


5 x max reps

B) 16 Min
3 wall walks
6 Single arm dumb bell thruster per side 45/30
12 Ball slams

Goals: Short rest between wall walks from start and hold that pace, Unbroken on 6 thrusters each, Catch slams on bounce

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