Athlete of the month —– Kristin Muchmore

Name: Kristin Muchmore
Age: 44
Job: Bookkeeper. My husband and I were both born at the old hospital downtown. We’ve been married 17 years and have a 12 year old daughter.
  1. What are your favorite Physical activities other than training at Undisputed and how has training with us improved them?

My marathon time has improved.  Ha!  What I’ve really been helped with is just life.  I do cartwheels and handstands with my daughter.  I squat down to get something off the floor rather then just bending over.  I haven’t hurt my back moving big rocks in the backyard and that use to be a regular occurrence.  

     2.  What is your why for your fitness or your who and how do you bring this intent with you to undisputed?

Going to undisputed is one of the highlights of my day.  My job is pretty mundane so I look forward to checking the WOD each night and seeing what I have to look forward to.  The fitness aspect of it is just a by-product.  Pretty much every week I’ve done something that I never thought I could do.  That’s a nice feeling and why I keep coming back even when something looks scary.

     3. Explain the what and why of something that you love about yourself.

I’ll tackle just about anything.  I’m a total introvert but I successfully sold cars for a year.  I’ve replaced toilets, the innards of my computer and a washing machine pump.  Oh, and flipped tires.  Thanks Strongman!

    4. If you had the chance to do your top three bucket list items what would they be?

Charter a live-aboard dive boat to take family and friends wherever we want.

See the northern lights.

Live in London for a year.

    5. What is one unexpected benefit that you have received from this community?

Being so excited at someone else’s achievement.  There were handstand walks the other day.  It was really exhilarating seeing everyone from firefighters to grandma giving it a go.  I walked out of that class with such a smile on my face.

    6. What is  something about you we don’t know?
I was a scuba instructor in Hawaii and I’ve done over 500 dives around the world.

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