Inspire Cafe Podcast with guest Coach Lorenzo!

It’s a pleasure to announce the official launch of The Inspire Café!

The Inspire Café is a podcast where people share their inspirational stories of overcoming adversity, and then emerging transformed with a positive outlook or outcome.

So if you’re looking to hear stories of overcoming challenges or setbacks yet still have a positive attitude, then this podcast is for you!

Here’s a snapshot of what’s included….

Episode 001 is with guest Carl Carter, Jr, who talks about how he’s dealt with the murder of his mother last year, who was killed while working as a real estate agent, and how now he’s traveling around the country advocating safety education in the industry.

In Episode 002, guest Lorenzo Hernandez shares his story of how he became inspired to become a CrossFit coach while serving a prison sentence, and then eventually started an adaptive training program and a nonprofit to financially assist those who need access to physical training.

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Thank you, and we hope you enjoy The Inspire Café!

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