B: Hail Marys

If you are training at 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Santa Fe today, please review the warm up letter below. Click the link below for example video.

B1: Straight Ankle Lock

Single X, Single X Sweep, Straight Ankle Lock w/ Rewind

Straight Ankle Lock Escape to Standing

Single X

Clear Foot on Hip

Modified X, Cummings Butt Blast, Heel Hook w/ Rewind

Heel Hook Escape

B2: Rolling Kimura

Rolling Kimura > Back Control > RNC w/ Rewind
Safe Haven

B3: Marcellotine

Sprawl to Double Unders > Marcelotine > Rewind then Arm-in-Guillotine Sweep to Mount > Flip/Flop Roll to Mount > Mounted No-Arm-Guillotine

B4: Toe Hold  

Quarter-Z Knee Slice (alternate sides)/Rolling Toehold w/ Rewind
Rolling Toe Hold Defense > Escape Toe Hold  to Side Control

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