G: Top Half Passes

If you are training at 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Santa Fe today, please review the warm up letter below. Click the link below for example video.

G1: No Hands Pass

No Hands Pass > Side Control > Knee Slide Mount     

Upa (alternate sides) landing in Full Guard

Basic Armbar from Guard (both sides) w/ Rewind> C-Cup Toss to Spider Web

G2: Dominator

Dominator > Judo Side > Brennan Mount >
Hail Mary Escape > Game Over> Heel Hook of Choice

G3: Twister Pass

Z Guard > Toe Hold Attempt > Twister Pass > Tip Toe Mount >

G4: Butt Compressor

Butt Compressor > Leg Drag > Dope Mount
Reverse Alcatraz

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