E: Quarter-Guard

If you are training at 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Santa Fe today, please review the warm up letter below. Click the link below for example video.

E1: Mini Stomp

Quarter Clinch > Mini Stomp > Push, Pull, Lockdown> Perfect Double Underhooks

E2: Quarter-Shell

Knee Slice
Quarter Shell >
Capoeira Pass> Capoeria Clinch>Three-Quarter Mount
Force Quarter-Mount> Quarter Whip > Perfect Double Under > Boa Sweep

E3: Z Shoot-Pull

Knee Slice Z Guard  > Z-Push Pull > Dogfight> Full Guard  

E4: Whip Down

5 Whip Downs to Electric Underhooks> Electric Chair > Electric Sweep>Electric Cradle> Crush Control> Can Crusher

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