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Undisputed is a growing family of athletes who are serious about their health, and fitness. Undisputed Fitness offers a variety of classes which include:

10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, Kickboxing, & Crossfit.

Undisputed belongs to its members. Our focus is to help our community reach their personal goals and strive for new ones.

All ages, skill levels, and backgrounds are welcome.

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CrossFit Powerlifting seminar at Undisputed THIS weekend.

The final week is upon us before Undisputed hosts the CrossFit Powerlifting Seminar. I’m super excited as this will be the second time I get to experience it–and it IS an experience… it’s more than a certification or a seminar…. those terms almost belittle what it is. It’s an alteration in mindset and a flood fresh knowledge and insight… a new way of looking at power, speed, and performance.

 Here’s what happened for me.

 Not to belabor my injuries or anything, but it’s sufficient to say many of my movements had become limited over the course of my careers as a professional combat athlete and stuntman. This was replete with an ever present discomfort especially in certain ranges of motion. My last job before the cert was AWESOME!! (Look for The Accountant coming out this year). It also left me leaving Atlanta the day after I wrapped with a broken toe/separated shoulder/ding dong/etc…. I landed in LA, slept, and hit the certification.

 Enter Shane & Laura Sweatt into my life. I can’t do it justice to even begin to illustrate all I learned, so I’ll keep this story to the results. I hadn’t bench pressed in 16 years, and I had never done it with direction nor goals. I have been in CrossFit since 2006, yet never made any mentionable gains in that time until I’d met Shane and Laura and followed Conjugate Programming. (I had also been a fighter and “CrossFit” gains weren’t in my goals as an athlete, so that could be a portion of that). I had always been present and worried when I deadlifted, as I had popped my hamstring multiple times in my life… I was strong there, but not confident.

 After following The Conjugate/WestsideBarBell methods for two months, my strength went up drastically: 40-60 pounds in each lift- squat, deadlift, & bench… the remarkable thing is that my body felt better than it had in 20 years– zero worry of injury/only thoughts of success… and this was training while recovering from BIG injuries, mind you.

 My whole mindset on programming/recovery/training was set on its head. I’m a better coach, athlete and person for that weekend I spent. It’s proven invaluable and the ever growing circle of love and community was increased by more beautiful people seeking to help and encourage people into excellence… thank you Shane and Laura.

 I hope that you all don’t miss this unique and special weekend!!

-All Love,


You can register at training.crossfit.com/powerlifting

Strongest woman on earth


“Athletes come in with lists. Lists of objections, can’ts, and, to a smaller degree, hopes.
To train beginners, we work on basic mechanics- getting them through range of motion safely and economically.
Simultaneously, we are working on the athlete to become Consistent. Our job, as coaches, becomes one of increasing the success and hopes and mitigating or erasing the cants and objections.
Without the two components of mechanics and consistency, we are lost. Therefore we work HARD on those… never pushing the intensity button too soon.
We are dialing them in to a new life– a new conversation with themselves and building roadways to new habits.
Things will slip by, like hip extension, or having your mind fully engaged in the task at hand- but it will be FUN and exciting treading on new ground.
You all that participate in Strongman101 are already on board. You’ve found how to move safely and show up consistently. We will turn down the technical aspects of lifts here in order to increase the awareness and ability to create raw power and FULL movement. This will happen with or without your knowledge. Your athletic animal inside you is about to be altered and honed to an extraordinary degree.
Your fitness and your body will take dynamic changes. Your spirit will rise and your determination and relentless mindset will harden and sharpen. You will be introduced to new parts of yourself.
I applaud you.
Welcome to Strongman 101. “
– @taitfletcher
Strongman 101 starts tonight at 8pm.


Undisputed’s WLC Movements and Workout Tutorial with Coach Heather

Hey TRIBE- We are done with first official Prelims of the Whole Life Challenge! We had close to 60 people show up for the measurements and the workout! It was a BLAST!!!

If you were unable to make it but still want to do the Workout with us- you still can!!!

Makeup times are as follows-

Monday at 8am

Tuesday at 1pm

Wednesday at 7pm

If you are unable to make it at all or are far away- we made a video for you to help you with the movements if you would like to do the same workout as us!!! You can also train these movements and put them together in a variety of ways. Change the rep scheme or the time frame… For example:

5 rounds of :

30 Squats

20 Situps

10 Pushups

5 Burpees


3 Burpees

7 Pushups

15 Situps

20 Squats

The most important thing is to have FUN and keep it FRESH!!!

If you have questions find us on facebook at Undisputed WLC Community page!!



Eddie Bravo is coming back to New Mexico!

We’re excited to announce that we’ll be hosting Eddie Bravo, master of the 10th Planet system and one of the most innovative Jiu Jitsu practitioners out there today, at 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Santa Fe for his second ever seminar in New Mexico and we’d love for you to join us!

Where: 10th Planet Santa Fe at Undisputed

When: November 29th, 12-3pm

Registration: $100

All schools are welcome but space is limited so register asap!
Follow this link to register.


Eddie Bravo seminar

Big Barn Brawl was a Blast!!

This past weekend was extraordinary down at the Big Barn Brawl and we promise to tell you more about  it but we are all so tired. Everyone did amazingly well, showed unbelievable heart, spirit, strength, encouragement, talent  and tribe spirit. It was truly a beautiful thing.

5 workouts in 2 days later, Uber athletes,  Jamie Johnson and Coach Lorenzo Hernandez beat out the fierce competition to each take 3rd Place in RX’d Women’s and Men’s, receptively!!!! It was a spectacle to be sure.

Look for more pictures on facebook!


Jamie Johnson and Lorenzo Hernandez take home 3rd place in the RXd division!!

Jamie Johnson and Lorenzo Hernandez take home 3rd place in the RXd division!!

Tactical Breathing


Let’s do a breathing exercise together. Try to breathe from your diaphragm(your belly will expand as you inhale.)

Slowly breathe in to the count of 4 seconds. 1, 2, 3, 4.

Hold that breath for 4 seconds. 1, 2, 3, 4.

Slowly breathe out to the count of 4 seconds. 1, 2, 3, 4.

Hold empty for 4 seconds. 1, 2, 3, 4.

Repeat 2-3 more times.

This is called Tactical Breathing and its a technique that soldiers, policemen, firefighters, etc. use to handle stressful situations. Popularized by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman in his book On Combat: The Psychology and Physiology of Deadly Conflict in War and Peace, tactical breathing stifles the adrenaline response to stressful situations by calming you down and slowing your heart rate.

Your autonomic nervous system is a control system for a lot of subconscious processes in your body. Processes like digestion, sexual arousal, perspiration, regulating body temperature, salivation, and breathing. Breathing happens whether we’re paying attention to it or not but we can exert conscious control over it. As it turns out, control over our breathing gives us control over our autonomic nervous system.

Under stress, when our heart rate gets revved up high some physiological responses start happening. Everyone’s body is a little different, but at around 115 heartbeats per minute you start to lose fine motor skills. At 145 bpm (beats per minute) you lose complex motor skills and at around 175 bpm your memory, hearing, and vision all start to go. So where does breathing come in? Normally, stress and fear trigger your breathing to be quick and shallow to grab as much oxygen as quickly as possible. Tactical breathing interrupts these processes, calming you down from Full Alert.

Before a competition, before a big test, before an interview, during a workout…any time you feel a stress response. Practice it throughout your day, its as easy as breathing and takes no time at all. Try to lengthen the count of your breathing inhale for six seconds or repeat five to six times. Find what works for you, the more you practice when you aren’t in a stressful situation the more effective it will be when you need it.

I like techniques that will work regardless of the situation. Tactical breathing works for soldiers in combat situations and first responders heading into disaster situations or in other words the worst case scenarios. So if tactical breathing allows people to handle that level of stress it can work for the stress in every day life.


Actions Speak Louder Than Words


After the events of Metamoris 3, there was controversy galore. But what does this controversy mean for us? For our sport?

Eddie Bravo put on an amazing show at Metamoris, showing just how effective our system is at the highest level. Not only that, but he displayed his skill and just how good he is against an amazing competitor in Royler Gracie. After the original 2003 ADCC match, many Jiu Jitsu practitioners wrote Eddie’s success off as a fluke and even 11 years later gave him little to no chance against Royler. Eddie was able to silence the masses with his performance on March 28th, but at what cost? There was an uproar in the Jiu Jitsu community over the match and a rivalry unlike any we’ve seen in our sport was rekindled. 10th Planet has been viewed by many as a black sheep of the Jiu Jitsu community, but is that necessarily a bad thing?

Competition makes us better competitors, but in some cases, competition happens outside of the sanctioned rules of a tournament or super fight. In 1993, the Ultimate Fighting Championship was born and an undersized Brazilian cut a swathe through the ranks of Karate experts, boxers, and Martial Artists of all sorts. This caused a rift in the fight community. What had the sport evolved to? Even though this new style of fighting may have seemed cowardice to some, or ridiculous to others, it didn’t take long for the fight world to know that they must adapt or die. Are we not experiencing the same thing as a result of Metamoris 3?

We saw Eddie Bravo come into the fight with a vast knowledge of anything that Royler could throw at him, however, Royler was certainly not prepared for the evolution that Eddie has brought to the game. This evolution is viewed by many as a “gimmick” or “novelty”, but Eddie proved for 20 minutes straight that it is a new branch of the original tree planted by the Gracie family. Utilizing a system based off of tight clinches, over and underhooks, and a half guard expertise, Eddie was able to consistently set up sweeps and submission attempts from a position that many in the Jiu Jitsu community consider a losing position. Eddie was able to use his nontraditional Lockdown style to not only keep Royler from passing his guard, but to set up the same sweep three different times.

It’s important to note that to execute the same technique on a multiple time World Champion like Royler is certainly no easy task. This further validates the effectiveness of this unorthodox style of Jiu Jitsu. It appeared that Royler was not able to move unless Eddie wanted him to move. We even saw at different points in the match Royler throw his hands in the air, in what appeared to be frustration. Once Eddie swept and came on top, he was able to further execute his game plan, utilizing his 10th Planet System by applying a devastating leg lock called “the Vaporizer”. Eddie moved into this position and although Royler was a tough opponent and was able to last until the end of the match without tapping, he was never able to fully escape the submission to safety, and the effectiveness of the technique in which Eddie applied could not be questioned.

There is nothing wrong with rivalry or a competitive nature between schools or arts. But does it have to be carried out with such venom in the action of the parties involved? Does rivalry mean hatred? We at 10th Planet Santa Fe would challenge you to let your actions speak for yourself, not your words.

Functional Female Self Defense Coming April 2nd!

womens self defense-01


Coming April 2nd to UNDISPUTED FITNESS/10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Santa Fe, FUNCTIONAL FEMALE SELF DEFENSE. This 12 week program is designed to allow you to be in complete control of every situation in your life. We’ve been working diligently to bring you, the women of Santa Fe, the most effective, safe, and fun self defense program ever. Nobody deserves to feel helpless. See a coach for more information!

Valentine’s Week Sale!

Celebrate Valentine’s Day all week long!

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